Welcome to The Little Tree Co

I'm a qualified and licensed arborist and I love working with trees.

My company, The Little Tree Co, is just that. I specialise in small to medium trees to keep things scaled down. That way I can run on smaller costs than larger companies. This will reflect in the free quote I give you - smaller costs to me, smaller prices for you.

Landscaping is something I am also passionate about. I love the idea of creating indoor-style spaces to be enjoyed outside with materials to suit the outdoors. I try to create  comfortable, liveable spaces that you can relax in.
Services include: Tree removal, tree pruning/shaping, stump grinding, hedge topping and trimming, canopy thinning.
Hard landscaping includes: patios, planters, new lawns, fencing, decking, shed bases. Planting, pressure washing, exterior decorating, maintenance.
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