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How The Little Tree Co began

In 2005, I was asked to help remove an old elm on the coast of Pembrokeshire at a family home. I jumped at the chance to use a chainsaw and get my hands dirty.

Sitting in the top of the tree I had a revelation, I decided tree surgery could be a career for me. Of course, it was a beautiful sunny day by the sea so I had somewhat of a rosy picture of what life would be like as an arborist but I made it happen.

Since then I have worked through all sorts of weather but still love working with trees.

Branching out

I studied at Capel Manor in Enfield in 2007, the UK’s leading school for arboriculture. I then worked with a London-based tree firm for two years, which was an invaluable experience before ‘branching out’ alone. I spent six years working with townsonandleece.com in landscape design and building which brings me to now!

I set up The Little Tree Co so I can run on smaller costings than larger companies. This means smaller costs to me and smaller prices for you.

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